The Drive-Through

Every morning i hit the drive thru at dunkin donuts for an extra large coffee. The dunkin donuts near me (in Norwalk) is possibly the best and fastest dunkin donuts around…im usually thru there in about 4 minutes. But sometimes im not, and thats the topic of this post.

Anyone who has been there can see it coming a carlength away…you look ahead of you, and see a dude in a landscaping truck going over the list of shit he has to get…or the really obese woman in the yukon denali with her 3 obese kids…”yes ill have 4 bacon egg and cheeses, 2 bagels with cream cheese, toasted, a box of munchkins, 5 coffees, 2 with cream, 1 with sugar…….etc, etc, etc”. Now, i like bacon egg and cheese sandwiches as much as the next guy, and i love bagels, and i love buying stuff for my friends and family, but i have this thing i practice called consideration, a unique pattern of thinking to which most people is as foreign as a flying frog.

How can you order 5 sandwiches and 6 coffees and expect to get thru the drive thru in under 10 minutes…even by microwave oven, DD sandwiches take at least 4 minutes to make. There should be a rule, bagels and coffee only through the drive through. Or even better, if your order takes more than 3 minutes you have to buy for the next three cars in line. Something. Anything. Im sick of waiting in line, wasting time and wasting gas, because some lazy moron decides to be inconsiderate to the rest of us who are already late for work.

So my point is, use common sense. If your order is going to take more than 2 minutes to fill, dont be lazy – take a wee bit of effort, get off your fat ass, go inside, and dont hold up the drive thru.

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