Painting my SIG P320 with Alumahyde

So I decided to paint the grip module of my SIG P320. After doing some research I decided to use Brownell’s Alumahyde. It seemed much simpler than many other options and got great reviews. I’m really happy with how it turned out! I used dark earth color for this, it has a tint of green but is a really nice dark earth.

Here’s the finished version:

What you’ll need:
– Brownell’s Alumahyde (any color you like)
– SIG grip module (or other firearm/part)
– rubbing alcohol and/or degreaser
– a toothbrush or other brush
– a heatgun or hair dryer
– some sort of stand to hold the parts while you’re painting
– a respirator (if painting indoors)
– latex glove(s)
– masking tape and paper towel

Here’s how I went about doing it, and some tips:

  1. Stuff is stinky, if you paint inside wear a respirator
  2. Order some extra tops for the paint can so if you paint other things you can start fresh. Seems like they clog easily after using.
  3. Field strip and remove mag release. Stuff magwell and tape off top part, stuff paper towel into mag release channel, etc. No use painting the inside as it will affect mag tolerances and could chip off over time and end up in the action.
  4. Clean and degrease. For the SIG grip module i used degreaser and a toothbrush, then rubbing alcohol, then hit it with the heat gun for a while. Try not to touch it w/ bare skin after degreasing (i used latex gloves).
  5. I used a mic stand and some gorilla tape to hang the grip module for painting.

There are lots of videos on painting with Alumahyde, but the short version is this:

a) First very light coat, immediately hit with heat gun/hair dryer
b) Immediate 2nd still light coat, heat gun
c) 3rd heavy/coverage coat (don’t get drips or you’re screwed), heat gun
d) 4th medium coat to make sure you’re good, heat gun, then let it cure for a week.

I put it in my basement with a fan blowing on it, reassembled on day six, then for good measure let it sit in the safe for another week before shooting. Overkill, but hey.

For a different project i actually did 5-6 coats (Ruger Precision Rifle…will post that next), result was just as good – so there’s some wiggle room here, but the grip module is pretty easy to paint and Alumahyde worked well.

IMG_8222 IMG_8236