John’s theory of Concurrent Content

Hot off the press is the theory of Concurrent Content, by yours truly. This theory was inspired by a new product that me and the team at Life in Mobile will be rolling out in July 2015, which as been in development for about two years. The idea is this: when you’re creating content for users, especially mobile users, it sure would be swell to be able to customize the content or portions of the content to individual users in order to increase relevance and the chance of adoption or interaction.

So for a real world example, lets say you’re creating a responsive microsite around a product promotion. Well, we all know A/B testing and how that works. But, what if you could not create a few versions to ‘see’ what converts better, but what if you could create a dozen or more versions of your microsite based on not only device type (mobile vs. PC vs. Tablet) but also a user’s prior engagement with your brand, the time of day or day of week, the user’s location, the weather conditions that user is experiencing, or even the outcome of the previous night’s Yankee game. AND what if you could control the logic directing the traffic without the need for a team of programmers, but instead through a super simple interface.

I’m not quite ready to spill all the beans, but if this concept wets your proverbial whistle, head on over to and sign up.