Internet Gambling

So i have to address this one. The government once again is trying to think for us, and in the name of ‘protecting’ us, trying to ban gambling online. I wont even get into splitting hairs about what is gambling, games of chance versus games of skill, etc. This is a perfect example of the new government, which is people pushing their beliefs on the rest of us, just because they can.

I see it this way…if you gamble your house away on the internet, then either seek help or jump off a building…you’re a moron. We dont need the government to protect us from ourselves. Its just like the seat belt laws. If i dont want to wear my seat belt, who are you to tell me i have to, or take my money if you catch me NOT wearing it. The real issue there is not that the goverment gives a flying frog tit about you (cause trust me, they dont), its cause if you wear your seat belt and get into an accident chances are the hospital bills will cost less money. So the reason you’re forced to wear your seat belt is to save insurance companies money. Thats it, plain and simple.

Ah I digress. Back to gambling online. Again, this comes down to money. The real reason gambling online is about to become illegal is because the government feels that the money gambled online is being sent out of the country, and they’re not getting a take. Its ok that we spend a trillion dollars on a ‘war’ (dont get me started there), but its not ok if you play poker against some dude in england and lose 10 bucks. Its all a crock of shit, and quite frankly im tired of being told what i can and cant do by a bunch of preppy losers who were most likely beat up and made fun of in school, who unfortunately have the power to influence the things i can and cant do during my tenure on earth.

So for me, im going to make sure i find a way to keep gambling online, and by any means necessary get around the ‘laws’ that these corrupt, ignorant, insignificant dweeblets are passing.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, im going to go gamble my life savings away playing roulette and craps online. Try to stop me.

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