Call Yourself!

OK heres a cool little way to make your computer call you whenever you want. Its kinda like a wake up call, and combines skype, a batch file, and windows scheduled tasks.

First, install skype and add some credit if you dont already have it. Then, open up notepad, and put the following in it:
“C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe” /callto:+18005551212

Replace the 18005551212 with the number you want to call. Save that file as callme.bat.

Now, open control panel then scheduled tasks. Hit ‘add scheduled task’ then under the prog list choose ‘browse’ and select the batch file you just created (callme.bat).

From there, just choose when you want it to run – daily, weekly, etc., and schedule the call.

This works pretty reliably – AND under advanced settings you can choose to have the scheduled task wake the computer up to perform it. I suggest if you do this, schedule the task twice – sometimes the first call wont work as the computer is still waking up and the net connection isnt activated yet.

This is a cool way to have a wake up call, a reminder, etc. I wouldnt be surprised if someday skype incorporates this directly into the interface, but in the meantime its a neat little windows hack. Enjoy!

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