Basically, using the word ‘basically’ really irks me. You hear it all the time. “What do you do for a living sir?” “Well, i basically run an IT department.”

Whats even worse is when people use it as a ‘crutch’. “What did you do yesterday Bill?” “Well John, i basically just went shopping to home depot, and picked up a chainsaw so i can chop down the tree that fell and is basically blocking my driveway.”

This burns my ass. Oh I see, so what you’re saying is that you have to boil it down because you dont think i can understand it? What am i a moron? Im gonna go out on a limb here. Im probably more intelligent than 90 percent of the people i deal with on a daily basis, and that could be conservative. Yea, jackass, i am basically smarter then you. Take the extra 8 words and .3% of brain power necessary to tell me the story. Or I’ll basically ignore you.