A night in NYC with my iPhone

After a sweet evening in NYC watching Moonspank play at the legendary Bitter End, I was reflecting on how truly amazing the mobile phone is. I have an iPhone as most of you know, but it really applies to most mobile devices. Heres a summary of the evening:
– Got a call telling me my ride was here, went outside.
– Driving down, i cracked open the maps application to figure out the best route to Bleeker street from Mt. Vernon.
– Wanted to see what other bands were playing, went to the Bitter End’s Website to check.
– Made a move in my chess game with a friend who’s on the road (game has been going on for a few weeks now)
– Sent out a mass text reminding my friends in NYC of the event.
– Got to the Bitter End, but wanted some food for me and the peeps. Cracked open ‘AroundMe’ app, came up with the Half Pint about 2 blocks away.
– Jumped on Yelp to make sure the ratings were good.
– Sent the address of the Half Pint to my girlfriend and her sister so they could meet us there.
– Took a really cool picture of the green room at the Bitter End.
– Posted a pic of Moonspank to Facebook.
– Tweeted some Moonspank lyrics to the masses.
– Shot a short video of Moonspank’s “Electric Freak pt 2”
– After the show, jumped on MTA website to check the train schedules from GCT to Hawthorne NY.
– Posted a pic of Tony wearing a ridiculous hat on the train
– Verified my girlfriend got home ok via SMS
– Wrote a reminder on my ‘Now Do This’ app to pick up a new battery for my home phone (random I know, but for some reason i remembered i needed a new battery when i got home)
– Opened Log Me In on iPhone – went onto my office computer to check what time my conference call was for the following day, and the dude’s name i had to talk to. From my computer, emailed all the info to myself so i’d have it for the call.
– Played ‘The Void’ video game on my iPhone
– Went to sleep! zzzzzzzz

I reflect like this, because at one point in the night my iPhone locked up. I literally panicked! A dozen thoughts went through my head…how am i going to take pictures? How will i find out where everyones going after the show? How will i let my friends know where I’m at? Etc, etc! Luckily, I just restarted it and all was well. But that made me realize that our mobile phones these days are far beyond a convenience, they’re a necessity!