Lets rock! Here is some music Ive written, recorded, or been a part of over the years. Hope you enjoy it!

Willy – A cool funky original tune, and staple of all shows since 2003. Vocals by the one and only Ricky Blues, drums by Rick Donato, all other sounds and noises by me.  Get up and dance!

[audio: Packes – Willy.mp3]

And heres a video of Willy from a show in 2010 with the Ricky Blues band – Ricky Blues (vox, guitar), Dino Covelli (keys), Elmer Johnson (bass), Tony Packes (guitar), Greg Saracino (drums), and me (guitar):

Bassada – I wrote this in college – it was originally a bassa nova, then arranged in more of a fusion style. This take is from a live show in the early 2000s…one of the best versions ever recorded. Players are: Me, Ricky Blues (guitar), Rick Donato (drums), Dan Pacione (bass).

[audio: Bassada.mp3]

Mystical – A mellow, downtempo but quasi-heavy instrumental song I wrote around 2004. One of my personal favorites.


The Pretzel Song – A favorite of everyone who’s heard it, the infamous Pretzel Song for your amusement.


For Absent Friends – A short tune i wrote for a film score in 2002ish.